Smith – being the dedicated, working human hand. 

Poet – being the creative expression that flows through all of us and our surroundings.

Kate Caicedo is a designer and metalsmith.

With a family history in the jewellery trade, Kate grew up around engraving tools, shellac, ring sizers, and rolling mills. A subtle pulse was created and over time a fascination began with metallurgy and the ability to manipulate metal with heat and tools. 

Worldwide travels fueled a deep appreciation for ancient metalsmithing techniques and craftmanship particularly through the American southwest, Mexico, Colombia and Egypt. Silversmithing studies at the London University of the Arts cemented these interests, along with further studio studies in Mallorca, Spain and home in Sydney, Australia. 

Kate has found her inspirations come mostly from architectural forms and geometric play with a curiosity towards textures, lines and layers. Every design begins with a simple desire to share ideas and explore possibilities.