Design: A musical artist of mega talent. Possessing strengths, depths and mystery. The challenge here was to harmonise with his unique style. His guitar. And his presence on stage.

Pendant Technique: Every part of the design was based around the incredibly unique Smoky Quartz. Mined here in Australia and cut by a friend of mine. The facets and angles in the stone, especially the pavilion base were intense. The 6mm high stone had to sit within the sterling silver metal body that was designed to be no more than 3mm thick otherwise it could be too heavy to wear. So a custom designed bezel was made to lift and hold 1/2 the stone whilst the other 1/2 sat delicately in a cut out seat in the base plate. This also allowed for light to travel through the stone and give it a magnetic light show. Triangle cut outs were sweat soldered onto the base plate. Oxidised to tell the story of many journeys.

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